Everyone Loves A Comeback

Waddup Hooligans,

It’s just come to my attention that one of the all-time greatest, the jam-pumping, hit-making, revolutionary Missy Elliot has currently gone public on why she has yet to release any new music over the past  few years.

Elliot revealed last weekend that she is currently battling Graves’ Disease (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graves%27_disease) and was unable to cope until just recently.

BUT, good news on the horizon, she also released a statement saying that she has been coping with it better recently, and plans to comeback strong, both in health and music.

Much love and many prayers go out to one of the all-time greatest female artists in the game. We at TYA are really looking forward to whatever she comes out with next.

And on that note, we’ve gotta couple throwbacks to make you jiggle your cracks-

Stay tuned for upcoming swag, freshness, and a new look to TYA that’ll make you feel too nicee.

Until next time,




We are stocked up again on:

1) An exciting new Octocream colourway ON A VNECK;

2) Lehmon shallow vnecks for the guys out there;

3) Robotica, this time in a different shade of purple for you TYA collectors out there who want a unique take on the design.

Get ’em while they’re fresh and get ’em quick before they run out! Email us to order!

Finally, we’re putting the finishing touches on the snapback design and getting in touch with a local manufacturer here in Toronto to see how we can make them as unique and interesting as possible. Stay tuned also for crew neck sweaters in August, two new shirt releases in July, and a potential investment in a dope chain style we’re keeping under wraps for now. Keep checking the blog for updates!


I purposely made the title grammatically incorrect because titles like these seem to attract more attention (i.e. I Am Legend, etc.). Anyway, today we have two exciting videos to promote, the first being our own new video describing why exactly we constantly marginalize women Abi in our YouTube videos:

Secondly, my man BusyRoc of the Raw Kingz bboy crew just released a new trailer for the 2011 year, featuring a ridiculously epic intro, so check him out here:

We have one more video for you guys coming up soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Betches Love Baking

Mark here. Got my wisdom teeth removed yesterday so if this post doesn’t really make sense you can blame it on the heavy duty painmeds I’m on (For an extra $10 you can have one delivered with purchase of a tshirt!). Having some time on my hands I decided to try something I’ve never done before, baking. Check out what I made:

1000Years Peanut Butter Cookies

The only problem is I can’t eat them because of the teeth, so if you want one come holla. And speaking of cookies here’s another installment in our Octo series:

Cookies and OctoCream

New T-Shirts should be out in the next couple days so get excited. And dwai I’ll post some post-wisdom teeth pics of myself once the swelling gets to a more comedic level.

Til then stay classy Toronto,


The Good Life

Now that the sun is out and listening to Odd Future seems too angry for the  weather we’ve decided its time for a little TYA face lift. Coming out NEXT WEEK we’ve got some goodies for you:

First off we’re reprinting fan favourites Robotica and Lehmon on a new type of Vnecks which are low enough to be V’s without letting the world see your bellybutton. Looks a little like this:

Straight outa the freezer we’re also dropping a limited edition Summer 2011 Octocream. Also on a V-Neck, and incredibly fresh. The new colours will be kept under wraps for now, but to tide you over we’ll be posting some Octo-cousins that we’ve been holding onto. Introducting:




Expect more Octos coming at you over the weekend. Until then,