Everyone Loves A Comeback

Waddup Hooligans,

It’s just come to my attention that one of the all-time greatest, the jam-pumping, hit-making, revolutionary Missy Elliot has currently gone public on why she has yet to release any new music over the past  few years.

Elliot revealed last weekend that she is currently battling Graves’ Disease (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graves%27_disease) and was unable to cope until just recently.

BUT, good news on the horizon, she also released a statement saying that she has been coping with it better recently, and plans to comeback strong, both in health and music.

Much love and many prayers go out to one of the all-time greatest female artists in the game. We at TYA are really looking forward to whatever she comes out with next.

And on that note, we’ve gotta couple throwbacks to make you jiggle your cracks-

Stay tuned for upcoming swag, freshness, and a new look to TYA that’ll make you feel too nicee.

Until next time,



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