Our Anniversary Renovation!

This is a long post, but read on to get a sneak peak at our new Fall 2011 line-up. So some of you may have noticed that recently Thousand Years has undergone a renovation of sorts, revamping our original logo as well as our overall image. We’ve changed the name of both our blog and our twitter (from thousandyearsltd to 1000yrs), and we’ve completely reformatted our social media on Twitter and WordPress (soon to be YouTube as well). If you’ve kept up with our brand since day 1, you’d know that we just reached that 1-year mark in our history, and boy has this baby been a learning experience for the whole team. Not to brag but:

Without even typing out the full name...

So one of our primary concerns at the end of this year was that as a brand we had no brand identity. We were frustrated with the fact that we had never truly sold a Thousand Years shirt, and we got together this summer to discuss exactly how to create a cohesive image for ourselves. Firstly, from now on, all our designs will be printed/made on Thousand Years-branded shirts, sweaters, and caps, not some American Apparel BS. Given that the genie was our most ‘Iconic’ image (PUNNY!!11), it seemed like a natural fit as our mascot. If you look closely at it’s eyes, you might find something interesting there (some of you still haven’t found the 1000 YEARS in the Robotica design).

Introducing Jin Jin the Genie, for free with any purchase of TY Apparel!

Secondly, we started to examine our own aesthetic, or what it had gradually become, and we realized that it didn’t really reflect our own personal styles or tastes in fashion. The decision was to mature our look, to create clothing that someone could wear in an outfit, and to really focus on providing more subtle, wearable designs that emphasize the individuality of the person. And that’s exactly what we’re aiming for with our Fall 2011 collection. We have a special shirt called “City of Stars” dedicated to the Drakes, to the Kardinal’s, the Shad’s, to all of the stars coming straight outta Tdot and representing Toronto on the world stage. We have another tshirt that’s still under wraps, a lady’s tee (that’s right, NOT unisex!), a crewneck sweater, and a unique snapback still coming at you guys, not to mention a sweet necklace/chain for both guys and girls. And then there are the pins:

The orange TY one is limited edition $5, the rest are $3. Free with a cap or a sweater!

All the designs will be coming out VERY soon and will be available for preorder both through e-mail and via our online store on our website (SOON). Keep your eyes peeled like an orange for the next couple of weeks and get hyped up about our new fall collection. We won’t let you down!



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