The Best of Fresh Prince Fashion (Season 1)

I recently finished all 6 seasons of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and having finally understood the genius of the 90s, as well as the fashion sense of the day, I present to you the 30 best 90s outfits, a la Fresh Prince (parts of the first season). I will be making this a new series on our blog, as I’ll continue to post more pictures of Will’s funky style (well, the whole cast and some cameos) over the span of the 6 seasons. Included are the worst outfit to ever grace the set of Fresh Prince, as well as a FRESH pair of jammies that I guess Will sleeps in. But don’t rush me, constantly screenshotting a television series is time consuming! Also, keep an eye out for styles that will give a sneak peak into the Thousand Years Fall 2011 snapback.

Ah, the classic power suit.

Blurry, but this is a fly dress shirt.

Heavy D in the biddly biddly building!

Shaking it in the two piece windbreaker-trackpant combo.

Fresh even to bed.

To be honest, this was a boring outfit, but VERY indicative of Hilary's style over the first season

Even at school...

And now, presenting to you the worst outfit ever in the history of television, we have this gem. What the FUCK was he thinking when he walked onto the set? No one knows, but I’ve included two angles to show you how ridiculously hideous this piece of history was.


Why yes, it DOES emphasize my figure!

Recently I’ve also been golfing with my family, as well as ballroom dancing with my dad (his idea), and this is what I look like when I’m on the driving range:

Classic brushing my teeth with a finger steez

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