Why Can’t Asian Guys Have Normal Hair?

This subject is dear and near to three of the guys here at Thousand Years who wrestle with this topic every day (less so for David). The dilemma comes each morning when, as an Asian male, you look at yourself in the mirror and decide what you want to do with your hair. Even more than that, the next time you go to the Chinese barber that your mom swears by, you end up giving in to the ‘regular’ haircut you always get, the same one you’ve gotten for the past however many years you’ve lived (minus the bowl-cut years). As I approach the time when my friends and family all begin to tell me to cut my hair, I am struggling with my identity as I try to find a hairstyle that I truly like and would imagine wearing out every day.

I Google’d “Asian Hairstyle Men” and here were the results of my searches:

Really? REALLY?

Just a touch of colour and...



Okay, nothing against guys who rock these hairstyles, but these pictures are pretty indicative of what even you would imagine would appear on a Google search of Asian¬†hairstyles for men. I even tried searching for “Asian normal haircut men” but I ended up with the exact same results, indicating to me that our society has clearly internalized these types of fobby haircuts as the status quo for Asian men. While some of you readers may find these MORE attractive than I do, I ask you, why can’t Asian men have NORMAL HAIRCUTS? It seems it must always be layered, long, slightly messy looking, light, and slightly dyed (if not really dyed), and if not long, then some sort of lopsided bangs to make up for it. Why can’t we rock these hairstyles?

Look at that smirk.

Although I’m fairly certain KevJumba has proven that we probably can’t rock the comb-over without looking like the hardest working co-worker you’ve ever met:

He's even wearing office clothing. Why do nice Asian guys have to wear that shit?!

And I mean, even normal short hair on an Asian guy is hard to come by. And when you do, it never looks quite as nice as on your average (or above average) white guy.

Look at those blue eyes.

Another thing, we get ridiculed when we try to rock some Black hairstyles (Black, according to Google). I mean, that’s the other half of those Asian kids you see at the mall (like Square One, not Pacific Mall). They’re always sporting some faux-hawk or some detailing on the side (Nick and I are very guilty of this), but it never quite looks as cool as on the original from which we derived our styles from:

Dreads... we just shouldn't touch.

I dunno, I’m still struggling to find that one haircut that doesn’t scream FOBBY or POSER, or make me look like Justin Bieber. I want something that will make people say “Wow, that’s a nice original and classy haircut”, not “Wow, I think I saw that on a Dragonball Z episode once!”. But alas, the search continues.

I don't want to look like this in public

Anyway, aside from searching for the right cut, I’m busy throwing together the final couple touches needed for our City of Stars, snapback, and crewneck sweater to drop this Tuesday. Get seriously excited for a Thousand Years Apparel you’ve never seen before. And also a snapback you haven’t seen before. After that, our last segment of our full Fall 2011 TYA line drops on the Sunday, so that includes another fresh t-shirt, one ladies T, and a dope necklace/chain, all up for pre-order.

Also get ready for a special feature on all our apparel in this line that you’ve never seen anywhere else. When the prototypes come in you’ll understand, and you’ll understand it all better when we drop our Fall lookbook. THOUSAND YEARS GON HAM.



6 thoughts on “Why Can’t Asian Guys Have Normal Hair?

  1. the way i’ve found to get really great north american hair (i hesitate to use the word ‘normal’) is to get my north american friends who’ve never cut asian hair before but who have good aesthetic and some artistic experience to just go for it. because asian hair moves and acts so differently compared to the hair they’re used to, the only thing they can end up doing is experiment with it in interesting ways; the result is a surprisingly fresh look that works because it’s essentially a collaboration between north american style and asian hair. the key is to find people whose taste you trust: it takes a certain type of person to cut hair well – they have to be able to interact with it as they go along. once you’ve found a couple of people that fit the bill, though, you’re golden. just make sure to buy some clippers of your own so you don’t have to spend your life borrowing someone else’s, haha

    • LOL you know how I do with clippers… What are some good places to go to that you trust? In Montreal & Toronto I mean?
      And I just want hair that itself doesn’t affiliate with one particular race or group too much, but is still strikingly nice.

  2. If you’re trying to impress the ladies, and lets face it, my friend, when are you NAWT, A marines buzz cut never goes wrong, simplicity is ALWAYS better when it comes to a guys doo. Unless its too short and you have a awkward head shape .

    ps. You’re an asshat.

    – Mars.

  3. “normal hair”??! duh what is “normal hair”??? my hair is waist long and for me i consider that to be my “normal hair”

  4. Asain guys can have “normal” hair cuts but As a female attracted to asian guys. I honestly like them with the “Asian” hair cut. Something unique to them and most people don’t have. And that hair is sexy!

    • There are many kpop stars that get “Black” hair styles” like GD or Block B but you have to rock the entire style that goes with the hair so you don’t look ridiculous. Asian guys can rock that fobby hair and its one reason i like it. To each there own. But whatever, the the old boring typical “normal” hair style.

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