Music Mondays, Women Wednesdays, and Fresh Prince Fridays

This post will be short and sweet, but a little all over the place. Today, two tragic events happened: the death of Amy Winehouse, and the bombings in Norway. To all those affected by these events, especially in Norway where the estimated death toll is quite high, Thousand Years sends our condolences for these tragic events.

Amy Winehouse was found dead today in her home, and although not many details have been released, people are assuming that it has to do with her very public battles with her demons. Regardless of what you think of her habits or looks (i.e. signature pouf), you can’t deny that this little lady had a big voice and wrote songs that rang true. She had a beautiful timbre of voice, style reminiscent of soul legends, and she will be missed. RIP.

In Norway, a deranged man essentially blew up a bomb in a busy square and proceeded to go on a shooting spree at a youth camp. Many were killed, many were injured, and this tragic event has been dubbed the Oklahoma City Bombings of Norway (Google that if you don’t know). To the victims, RIP.

To end on a lighter note, I wanted to notify all of you of the changes that are coming to this blog. First off, our articles will begin to better reflect the lifestyle and image of our brand, by focusing more specifically on hip-hop culture and a little less on random things we like. Secondly, we will begin to have our own little series, and Top 5 lists from all the people at TYA. The week will look great for all you procrastinating at the office, because Mondays are Music Mondays (where we’ll be posting our own top tracks of the week), Wednesdays are Women Wednesdays (where Abi will balance out the testosterone of us other 5), and Fridays are the beloved Fresh Prince Fridays (where I will be posting just a couple keynote outfits from the series, with a little fashion analysis as to why it works or doesn’t work).

Check me out on Fridays!

Again, continue to get hyped up for our two drops, one on Tuesday and one on Sunday, where we’ll reveal our full Fall 2011 collection of a snapback, sweater, crewneck tee, vneck tee, ladies tee, and necklace/chain/accessory, all for your new Fall wardrobe. Be on the lookout for a fresh lookbook in August when we get all of our orders in, to show you how many ways you can rock Thousand Years Apparel.

P.S. We’re putting all of our own tags and labels onto our shirts and apparel from now on, but they’re not just any old tags and labels… Get excited 😉


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