Music Monday

What’s good music fans?

If there’s one thing we at Thousand Years simply can’t get enough of, it’s a regular supply of the freshest music around. We like to kick back to some old school jams, and go ham to some new club bangers. Our music relaxes us, excites us, inspires us, and perfectly describe our moods.


For our first Music Monday, I’ve got some nice chill tracks for you guys to go along with the weather we’ve been having. I’m not sure if any of you heard last night’s thunder storm, but I definitely did, and I’m definitely enjoying the calm, relaxing atmosphere that’s followed.

Without further ado, I present to all of you, the unreal tracks that I’ve been listening to-

“That’s My Bitch” – Kanye West & Jay-Z

Fresh of the “Watch The Throne” album, Kanye and Jay have slightly redeemed themselves after the travesty that was “Otis”. I’ve been told that people loved Otis, and yet have not talked to a single person who indeed likes it. I personally, hate it. It’s rather indicative of the fact that Jay & Ye are getting old, passing their prime, and need to pass on the “throne”. However, give this track a listen to, it’s not too bad.

And to go along with the horrible Otis, comes the diss track “Uncle Otis” by theGame. I feel bad for this guy, he’s been dissing people non-stop and yet no one will respond to him. He’s like the hater that cried wolf. HOWEVER, it’s not a bad diss track, and if you, like many others, are disappointed with a lot of current rappers, you might like this-

“Uncle Otis” – The Game (Diss track)

On to more happier tracks. This next bad boy is a very clutch throwback, bringing back that vintage swag people are going jambons over. Even if you’re not a fan of the vintage, this track will definitely get you bobbing your head over something that seems pretty ridiculous.

“Wash your face in my sink” – Dream Warriors

Good times right? Anyway, next up we have one of my favorite duos of all time. People say they fell off recently, but with their new album, “When Fish Ride Bicycles”, I’m sensing a solid comeback. No arrogance, no vulgarity, no hating. Simply unreal. The originators of the current swag movement, The Cool Kids are definitely sounding nice on their new tracks-

“GMC” – The Cool Kids

And finally, for all my musically A.D.D. peeps out there, I have to end this off with a proper mashup. One of my favorite DJs around right now, still trying to push his way into the industry and get recognized on a DJ Khaled level, it’s the kid D.Veloped

“Skrill Ex-Friends With Benefits” – D.Veloped

And there you have it, some of the top tracks flowing through the internet, radio, and boomboxes laid out for you by TYA. Hopefully this gets your week going a bit, we definitely understand the grind that is Mondays, and hopefully this will take the d out of your grind and put a jolly old grin on your face! Ha?



Finessefully yours,



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