Online store is up and Fall 2011 Collection has DROPPED!

This is just a quick post for all of you blog followers that haven’t already heard. The Thousand Years Apparel Online Store is officially up and running, and all the items are up for Pre-Order. How that works is that you basically pay for the item in advance via credit card, debit, or PayPal to guarantee that you will receive what you ordered, instead of leaving it up to chance that we would have your size/design in stock. This streamlines everything and makes it easier on both you and us, given that we can actually put in the orders according to the volume of pre-orders we get, plus stock.

Click on the image to visit our store!

Some of you may be wondering why we upped our prices this time around, and it’s a simple matter of making everything more premium for you to wear. That means every item we sell has our labels hand-sewn on it, including a unique loop label for accessorizing that you’ll see in the lookbook (coming in August). This also means premium originality, like the hand-sewn button on the Painter’s Snapback, and free stuff with every order, like stickers and pins.

After Pre-Order ends this Sunday, everything will have an $8 shipping fee as we will simply ship all orders to your house. However, purchase $50 or more in merchandise and we’ll make shipping on us (i.e. FREE)! The City of Stars and Miracle League tees are $26, Ladies T is $34, Sweater is $42, and Snapback is $30.

Finally, a little about the design process. We wanted to completely revamp our image with this Fall line, discontinuing all previous designs (although we have A BUNCH in stock so send in your orders like you’d normally do). This line was inspired by our quest to create original pieces that weren’t as commonly found, with a classier, more wearable approach to the print. We matched almost all of the colours of our line together in some way so that you could create an entire outfit out of the Fall line, without looking tacky or over-matched. The City of Stars tee actually started out like this:

We originally called the design Stars Mahal... but this was quickly and efficiently scrapped.

The Ladies Tee started out like this:

And the snapback started out like this:

It has evolved since I'd like to think.

As you can see, designing is no simple and quick process. We spend countless hours labouring over our laptops developing carpal tunnel while designing, or countless hours in negotiations with potential suppliers and contractors, all to lower our costs and provide you with the best in quality and originality. We are very proud of our Fall line, so let us know how you feel about it in the comments, and better yet, by pre-ordering a bunch of stuff NOW! Shipping is free from now till Sunday ONLY!

Get ready for a David comeback tonight,



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