Inaugural Fresh Prince Friday!

This blog article represents the first official installment of the Fresh Prince Friday series that we are hosting every Friday until I run out of Fresh Prince episodes completely. To keep the content fresh, I’ll be analyzing the various outfits of one episode in each post, so bookmark this blog, subscribe via email, and comment on what you think works or doesn’t work.


Will is seen wearing this combination in the episode Deck The Halls of Season 1. This outfit, though flashy, works because of the complex colour matching going on in the outfit. His highlighter yellow adjustable cap corresponds with the mix of green and yellow in the jacket, as well as his tee, a simple blank in a different shade of green to prevent tacky colour coding. The purple compliments the colours well, and his pants add a contrast to his flashy upper body by providing a subtle base for his outfit. Great retro style!

A black Marilyn Monroe.

Aunt Viv’s outfit is pure class, with a monochrome purple a-line dress creating an elegant silhouette that is nicely complimented by the touches of silver and black on her accessories, as well as the satin sheen of her sleeves. Beautiful.

Looks like a painting in my house

This Mondrian-inspired shirt pairs with the Santa’s cap that Will is show wearing, providing a quality festive outfit without cliche (no accent e on my keyboard). His pants again add a nice subtle base.


This great sweater is an exemplary model of the Golden Age of sweaters, with the tucked in collar a touch of prep without the snobby vibe. Looking like Carleton might help you pull this off a little better.

And here are the ever classic blazer highlights of the day:

Rick Ross of Bel-Air.

Don't know who this is but what a turtleneck combo.

Still have a crush on her even though she wears roughly the same thing each episode...

Anyway, that’s all the notable outfits from this episode put into one tidy post. Now a number of you still are unsure about what our particular style is, and so I will elaborate on what ‘urban eclectic’ truly means. This style is like the Jeet Kune Do of fashion, in which the style itself is by nature undefinable and consisting of anything. This is why we try to make clothes for the person that can pull off ANYTHING, because that’s exactly what urban eclectic is. It could be retro, hipster, nerdy, preppy, and cultural all at once, but whatever is worn becomes integrated into an overall urban aesthetic (i.e. swagger). THAT is urban eclectic.




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