Return Of The Kings

Hello hello, Mark here. Yes that’s right ladies and gentlemen, the same Mark that left you some many months ago to enter the Ontario wilderness and look after children (shout out to my children!) is back. Hopefully your summers have been amazing and your tan is so extreme it will look like you’re wearing a white bathing suit until Christmas.

Of course I’m not the only TYA-er back on the grid. After 3 months in Japan David has returned to Canadian soil. Stay tuned for his tales of romance and adventure in the Orient in the upcoming days.

What’s up with TYA you ask? Last night we got our sweatshop labour on and began production on the limited editionTYA snapbacks. Here’s a sneak peak:

After a brief delay the new Tees and our Crewneck should be out in early September. In the meantime Kevin and I are returning to Montreal in a blaze of cleaning, froshing and smoked meat. Expect some pics of our apartment once we get the internet up and running, which will hopefully be soon.

TYA’s sophomore year is cookin’ up to be a big one so keep checking back to stay on top of your favourite little apparel company.

Much <3,



Music Mondays: FLOW 93.5 plays the same songs 10000 times every day!

Welcome to an early morning edition of Music Mondays, posted at 2:20 AM because I just couldn’t wait to show you what music I have been jamming to as of yet. But first thing’s first. I have a little rant about FLOW 93.5, and every other radio station in the GTA that constantly plays the SAME SONGS every DAMN day. I can understand that many of you enjoy those songs, and I actually am a radio-convert these days (having advanced from my ‘Music is not what it used to be’ hater stage). I really enjoy the sampled sounds of Drizzy Drake, or the addictive rasp of Lil Wayne, and I am in love with that Kelly Rowland song Motivation (good for her, finally moving out of Queen B’s shadow). But as much as I love their latest songs, these radio stations seem to have them on a shuffled list comprising of 10 songs that they just replay throughout the day OVER and OVER and OVER again.

If I hear Super Bass ONE MORE TIME...

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Retro 90’s: Will-inspired!

Alright you silly fools, we’re back and it’s FRESH PRINCE FRIDAY! We went on a temporary hiatus last week because of a sudden perceived lack of interest (still debating whether or not we should even have this column) but for now at least, I thought I might as well continue it for the sake of… continuity. Today we examine 4 fresh outfits from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (found in the episode The Lucky Charm) and figure out just why these crazy retro looks were even popular back in the day:

Even the jeans have a matching crotch patch... (the 'bartack')

Glorious retro colours (actually very much like the colours of the Thousand Years Fall collection) with F & P matching torn decals on his jeans, while sporting that flat-top (leather?) painter’s cap/pillbox style. This is OG status. Continue reading

Woman Wednesday: Leave Britney Alone!


As long as I can remember, I’ve known the name Britney Spears. “Baby One More Time…” was the first CD I ever bought (I bought Spice World and N’Sync at the same time. 1999 FTW.), and I’ve followed her career ever since.

A couple years ago, I came home with her compilation CD, Greatest Hits: My Prerogative, and my dad laughed in my face when he saw it. “Britney Spears?! Mark my words, her career won’t last 5 years.”

Well friends, you’d think her track record would speak for itself now, as it did then, but I found myself having the almost identical conversation last night. Because, people… I HAVE BRITNEY TICKETS.

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Is Humour in Dance Acceptable?

I am a huge fan of America’s Best Dance Crew. I think watching the Jabbawockeez from Season 1 probably got me into dancing in the first place. But with all the publicity and the way the show’s marketed, I don’t want to use the word sell out, but it is certainly conducive to creating a style of dance less focused on technique and more focused on entertainment value.

Before I lay everything on the table I need a slight disclaimer. I’m gonna show a lot of clips from Poreotix and Quest Crew, and I just want people to know that I am NOT a hater. Quest Crew is too sick, probably my favourite group right now, and although I’m not as big a fan of Poreotix, I still recognize them as phenomenal dancers. However, they do a lot of silly things in their dances to create humour that I don’t quite agree with. I’d like to compare this to the way I feel about Mozart: I like and respect him as one of the greatest composers and musicians of all time, but it doesn’t make me a fan of his music. That being said, here comes the criticism.

There’s a short segment I want to highlight in Quest Crew’s choreography to “Forever” by Chris Brown. Skip to 1:55 look out for the hip-thrusting.

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Watch The Throne Review

Welcome back to Music Monday Everyone,

As much as I would love to send you guys some variation of my fave genres (soca, dubstep, rap, and house), I couldn’t possibly mention anything other than the “historical” release of the album “Watch the Throne” by Jay-z and Kanye West.

Now I’m not much of a Jay-Z fan (in fact I’m quite the opposite), and though I respect Kanye’s work, cannot stand who he is as a person. I’ve always seen these two as the rap game’s most pretentious, and it has always frustrated me how people will jump on any of their tracks because of their name, and not the quality. They to me are a living exhibition of commercial America ruining music. Soulja Boy is a kid having fun, these are men truly selling out.

That all being said, there’s only one way I can truly describe this album. Swag.

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