Woman Wednesday: Fashionspiration

Woman Wednesday blog post #2! It’s only been a week, but I’m pretty much addicted to blogging. I’m fairly new to it myself, but I’ve been reading blogs for a long, long time–or as long as one can really imply when talking about the internet.  But anyway, I read a LOT of blogs.

And when I say a lot of blogs, I really do mean a lot. I read blogs/online publications on food, celeb gossip, culture, news, wedding design, interior design, politics, and beyond. And I haven’t even started on Tumblr pages yet…  It’s a little shameful (Or is it? Discuss in the comments, please.) that on a daily basis I probably read more online content than I do actual print media.

So today, I present a few of my favourites: my top 4 fashion blogs. These multitalented women are so stylish, take such lovely photos, and have such distinct personalities that they lure me back for more. Every. Single. Day. The amount of time I spend on these sites…I could write thousands of blog posts of my own if I wasn’t so hooked on theirs. In more TYA-esque terminology, they’ve got SWAG.

1. Cupcakes and Cashmere

The name may be a little bit twee, but Cupcakes and Cashmere is really like a peek into a fabulous California girl’s every day life. It’s written by Emily Schuman and is mostly fashion, but has occasional aspirational lifestyle posts–like when she redid her guest bedroom and made a nightstand from vintage suitcases, or the time she made rootbeer float popsicles with a speciaI POPSICLE MAKING MACHINE. Based solely on the blog, you’d probably think she spends most of her time dressing up, mixing fancy cocktails, and getting manicures (Her nails are always amazing; I am utterly envious.), but she’s actually full-time Style Director of the online shopping site Beso.com and she posts every day (excluding weekends), so she’s basically superwoman.

2. The Glamourai

Over on the other coast in New York City, Kelly Framel runs The Glamourai, a site with the most gorgeous photography and exceptionally stylish but wearable outfit inspiration. Another near-daily poster (these women, I don’t know how they do it!), Kelly is a stylist and jewellery designer as well as full-time blogger.  She’s been a big inspiration for me not so much in how I dress, but in how she runs her business. She does endless collaborations with amazing brands, her personal brand seems so well run and coordinated, and of course, her photography is total eye candy. She also has the most stunning apartment I have ever seen, which she decorated entirely herself.

3. Sea of Shoes – Jane Aldridge

Jane Aldridge, who runs Sea of Shoes, is just my age, but has one of the most popular fashion blogs on the internet. Her outfits are a little more out there, at least for me, but they’re gorgeous and definitely inspirational. She features a ton of vintage, as well as, of course, shoes. Her photos are always incredible, and she’s from Texas! A cool change of scenery from NYC and LA.

4. Fashiontoast – Rumi Neeley

I only just started reading this blog, though I’d heard of it many times before, but I fell hard and I fell fast. First off, the woman running Fashiontoast, Rumi Neeley, is absolutely stunning. Her style is also super cool and casual. She’s like that girl you know who always looks like she rolled out of bed looking fantastic–she has a sort of slouchy urban look that–while it’s not my personal style–I love to admire.

I read some other blogs, but not so religiously as I do these. These are not the most original picks–as in they are all firmly in that category of fashion blogs that always pop up on “Top X” lists, but it’s for good reason. Few blogs update so regularly, offer such high quality content, and are so consistent in their tone. We’re not running a fashion blog (though we are a fashion company), but we can only hope to hit those three marks as accurately as these 4 lovely ladies.

– Abi

PS. These are all American blogs. There must be some equally great Canadian ones out there. Know of any? I want to read them! Tell me in the comments!


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