Watch The Throne Review

Welcome back to Music Monday Everyone,

As much as I would love to send you guys some variation of my fave genres (soca, dubstep, rap, and house), I couldn’t possibly mention anything other than the “historical” release of the album “Watch the Throne” by Jay-z and Kanye West.

Now I’m not much of a Jay-Z fan (in fact I’m quite the opposite), and though I respect Kanye’s work, cannot stand who he is as a person. I’ve always seen these two as the rap game’s most pretentious, and it has always frustrated me how people will jump on any of their tracks because of their name, and not the quality. They to me are a living exhibition of commercial America ruining music. Soulja Boy is a kid having fun, these are men truly selling out.

That all being said, there’s only one way I can truly describe this album. Swag.

Maybe it’s the incredible sampling, the humble introspective lyrics, or the fact that they included one of my current favorite artists, Frank Ocean, on two of their tracks, this album just sounds too nice. I mean Kanye prides himself on being exceptionally cocky/confident (bouncing back and forth over the line), and yet he comes out with a track like, “New Day” where he talks about his future children and how he wants them to grow up. The maturity level alone of tracks like this, “No Church In The Wild” and a number of others just goes to show that these guys have a softer side past the whole bravado they portray to the media. The creative juices they’re spewing are just on another level.

Rating: Listening Discretion Advised: This album is not the most amazing thing ever made. It is not something you’ll hear and go, “SHIET THEY JUST WENT JAMBONS!” But it definitely is something you can bob your head and pay attention to, so definitely give it a listen or two before judging. I’d rate this album at about 4/5.

Note: These songs below are slightly sped up so they can stay on youtube. If you want to get the whole album, private message any one of us and we’ll hook you up.

No Church In the Wild Feat. Frank Ocean

New Day

Welcome to the Jungle

Lots of Love,



2 thoughts on “Watch The Throne Review

  1. Hey boys!

    I’m not sure you’ve done a very good job of defending your claim that Kanye and JayZ are the face of commercial hip hop and, if I may paraphrase, everything that’s wrong with the world. If you define ‘selling out’ as a compromising of one’s own values for the sake of profit, I don’t think Kanye is a sell-out at all. A diva? A huge dick? All of those things he may be, but Kanye is known for being so specific about his vision that he will downright refuse to release a track he is not 100% satisfied with. Did you know that he begged JayZ not to release “Run This Town” because he didn’t think it was good enough? Or that he directed the 40 minute Runaway video himself? This is a man that raps about his right to be religious in an increasingly secularized industry, and talks about conflict diamonds and pulling out of Iraq just as any rapper speaks about poppin’ bottles. Also, need I say that the beats that he makes are pure magic?

    It’s a severe understatement to say that this man speaks his mind. But at least his mind is his own, you know? I wouldn’t be so quick to knock him specifically on being a corporate sell-out. He might just surprise the hell out of you by doing a monstrous forty-eight-minute set at a music festival.


    • Hey Simu,

      I genuinely appreciate the comment and actually acknowledged this on the fb group (my mistake for not posting it here). I do actually agree completely that Kanye West is an unbelievable producer/artist, and essentially runs his label, as opposed to the other way around. It was a mistake to group him in with Jay-Z under the sellout category when he’s the type of person who makes what he wants, when he wants it.

      My issue is really just Jay-z. This guy comes out with bad song after bad song but people let it go because he’s supposedly the best rapper of all time. I’m not sure how he earned this title, but as a result, he’ll say what he’s told sells, and just ride his fame from 10 years ago.

      Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like this album was Kanye’s, and he let Jay-Z be on it out of respect.

      Again, my apologies for the shot at Kanye, he most definitely didn’t deserve that.

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