Retro 90’s: Will-inspired!

Alright you silly fools, we’re back and it’s FRESH PRINCE FRIDAY! We went on a temporary hiatus last week because of a sudden perceived lack of interest (still debating whether or not we should even have this column) but for now at least, I thought I might as well continue it for the sake of… continuity. Today we examine 4 fresh outfits from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (found in the episode The Lucky Charm) and figure out just why these crazy retro looks were even popular back in the day:

Even the jeans have a matching crotch patch... (the 'bartack')

Glorious retro colours (actually very much like the colours of the Thousand Years Fall collection) with F & P matching torn decals on his jeans, while sporting that flat-top (leather?) painter’s cap/pillbox style. This is OG status.

 Lord forgive me for being too fresh…

The classic black and white checkerboard shirt paired with a matching painter’s cap. Seems like this old cat has been inspiring new cats around the world to clear out vintage stores for their patterns and B&W’s.

Is it inappropriate to make an overused Wiz Khalifa joke here?

African-motif shirt with a matching rosary necklace and yellow satin pants. Not to mention that ruff box cut fade just emanating Black Power and the early 90’s. Thank god I was born then.

He was actually studying chemistry in this scene, no joke.

They don’t make pants like they used to, and that retro shirt is a killer! Matching screenprinted shirt with the busy pattern in these fly trousers would make any man do what Will is doing. I ask myself all the time, What Would Will Do? (WWWD?). He was memorizing the periodic table actually.

By the way, bringing it back retro flava with our newly released necklace is this vintage-feel 90’s inspired medallion, channeling that inner funk through a classy contemporary piece. Unisex, and comes in a variety of cool string colours to match your style.

If you wear it you'll feel cooler. WWWD? Wear it.


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