Music Mondays: FLOW 93.5 plays the same songs 10000 times every day!

Welcome to an early morning edition of Music Mondays, posted at 2:20 AM because I just couldn’t wait to show you what music I have been jamming to as of yet. But first thing’s first. I have a little rant about FLOW 93.5, and every other radio station in the GTA that constantly plays the SAME SONGS every DAMN day. I can understand that many of you enjoy those songs, and I actually am a radio-convert these days (having advanced from my ‘Music is not what it used to be’ hater stage). I really enjoy the sampled sounds of Drizzy Drake, or the addictive rasp of Lil Wayne, and I am in love with that Kelly Rowland song Motivation (good for her, finally moving out of Queen B’s shadow). But as much as I love their latest songs, these radio stations seem to have them on a shuffled list comprising of 10 songs that they just replay throughout the day OVER and OVER and OVER again.

If I hear Super Bass ONE MORE TIME...

I mean, I feel like the various DJs that spin tracks over at the station don’t even talk to each other or post their set lists to prevent the same song being played every 20 minutes, and sometimes it honestly sounds like they might even play the same song within their own set. I love chocolate bars, but I can’t eat 45 chocolate bars in one sitting without wanting to vomit (I probably would vomit after 20). It annoys me not only because I’ll hear I’m On One three times in a short drive to the grocery store, but also because there are so many other good songs/artists out there that COULD be played in place of the repetition, and even more starving local artists trying to get a public audience. It’s like no one even exists outside of Young Money to these people! I don’t understand why no one calls in to the station to ring up some tickets to the latest concert and to mention that no one likes to hear that same overplayed shit.

Thanks for the tickets but your radio station sucks.

That being said, here are some tunes that I think will supplement your loss of all variety if you listen to the radio at all. Hip hop is like your diet: you have to eat a balanced meal in order to stay healthy. Lately I’ve enjoyed a very wide range of sounds, from instrumental to West Coast, and I also have had the opportunity to discover some new/old greats that I think are fire in waveform. However, as a true hip hop aficionado I think that one needs to be able to have an understanding of the varying genres associated with hip hop, including R&B, lesser known artists, and older classics that you might have not had the chance to hear yet.

Kids These Days – Summerscent

Snoop Dogg – The Way Life Used To Be (prod. by DJ Battlecat)

Reggie Watts (of FUCK SHIT STACK fame) – Wanna Get

Xperiment – The Search

Kokane – Back It Up (ft. Rass Kass)

Boyz II Men – Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)

With a healthy diet comes regularity, so shit is always new if you switch it up (HAHA!). Thus, I encourage you to go out there and find what you like, and to not be reserved in trying out new genres. Keep it jambonz.


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