Return Of The Kings

Hello hello, Mark here. Yes that’s right ladies and gentlemen, the same Mark that left you some many months ago to enter the Ontario wilderness and look after children (shout out to my children!) is back. Hopefully your summers have been amazing and your tan is so extreme it will look like you’re wearing a white bathing suit until Christmas.

Of course I’m not the only TYA-er back on the grid. After 3 months in Japan David has returned to Canadian soil. Stay tuned for his tales of romance and adventure in the Orient in the upcoming days.

What’s up with TYA you ask? Last night we got our sweatshop labour on and began production on the limited editionTYA snapbacks. Here’s a sneak peak:

After a brief delay the new Tees and our Crewneck should be out in early September. In the meantime Kevin and I are returning to Montreal in a blaze of cleaning, froshing and smoked meat. Expect some pics of our apartment once we get the internet up and running, which will hopefully be soon.

TYA’s sophomore year is cookin’ up to be a big one so keep checking back to stay on top of your favourite little apparel company.

Much <3,



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