Slutty Costumes + Surinder + Mustaches

To all of our slutty devils/pirates/cats/race car drivers/puck bunnies/ normal bunnies/ bugs bunnies/waldos/cowgirls/ dragons/ drag queens/ Nicki Minaj/and Selena Gomez lookalikes happy halloweekend. Hopefully your days have been candy coated and your nights questionable.

While other esteemed writers may deplore the provocative nature of the youth of today’s Halloween costumes remember that for every fishnet used in a costume, 10,000 Atlantic Salmon are saved daily. So candy coat your moral apples with that bad boy.

Regardless this time of year is more than just a celebration of bare legs and torsos, its a time of reflection. Coinciding with the passing of October into November comes a rare moment in time when, within the span of two seconds, it is both Halloween, TYA’s own Sur- “Caboose” -inder and the first second of Movember (the annually prostate cancer awareness month). What does it mean for you? It means that during the next month you can look forward to watching the hair follicles on Surinder’s upper lip blossom into a symphony of the finest and thickest mustache hairs this side of Brampton. The best part is that you and Surinder will be finding this out at the same time because he doesn’t know we signed him up yet. Oops!

But there’s still two nights of enjoy. Have a good one!

Trickin and treatin 4 lyfe,



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