TYA isn’t exactly known for their hard hitting investigative journalism but the other day I was watching the music video for Dilemma (because a friend of mine had never seen it and its awesome) and I spotted this guy:

"Sup Ladies"

Ok fine, so he’s rockin a phantom of the opera mask, its not like he coordinates all his outfits around mask-clothing combinations…

"Does this shade of baby blue make me look more gangsta?"

WTF. Who is this guy? A little hard hitting research led me to find out that his name is Slo Down and he was in Nelly’s St Lunatics Crew until they had a dispute and he went his separate mask wearing way. But while in the limelight Slo Down redefined hiphop fashion:


Just wearing a creepy mask and pretending to be a bird, nothing strange here

Probably wouldn't be so hot in here if you weren't wearing a mask...

He even started switching it up:

He's either suprised by his own appearance or that all the rhinestones stayed on his mask

I can imagine how that first conversation must have gone

Nelly: Yo man why you wearin that mask?

Slo Down: Oh…ya… I just thought I’d switch it up ya know. Nobody else in the game is doing this I thought I’d be unique

Nelly: Dude you look like Hannibal Lecter

Slo Down: Ya man that guy gets all that ladies

Nelly: No he eats all the ladies

Slo Down: That’s whats up!

Nelly: No I don’t think you…Nevermind ok wear the mask. I bet Chingy doesn’t have to put up with this shit…

And a hero is born.

I think the best part is that even after being scorned by his former crew and moving into a new century he still keeps true to style

This mask is the reason Obama won the election.

The laughing stock of the hip hop community or a brave pioneer in the world of fashion? You be the judge.

Good luck with finals if you still got them and if you’re in Toronto over winter break lets chill

– Mark


No Better Time Than Meow

Now that Mo-vember is over and my line of sight to my keyboard is no longer hindered by my gigantic facial hair I can finally resume blogging (Hannukah is saved!). What has a month brought us then? Well there were tears, there was laughter, love, heartbreak, amends, post World War Two Japanese expressionist author Mishima, a ridiculously explosive toilet, concerts, birthdays, gigs – and that was just Kevin and I. In all seriousness though we did do some cool stuff which will be presented in a style borrowed from Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs (which you should probably have seen by now):

Mr. Yellow (Kevin)

Sign of a good month: New Profile Picture

TYA’s renaissance man continues to reap the fruits of what was probably a little too much time alone in his basement as a child. He performed for a packed crowd as well as the youtube boys Wong Fu Productions. There guys have over a million subscribers and unlike other youtube celebs actually deserve them.

K.Lee also performed along with the Effusion a cappella crew and as an a cappella expert (shout out to Fresh Fellas A Cappellas) I can say without a doubt that the show was top notch, their rendition of Alica Keys’ Fallin’ brought me to quasi-religious ecstasy.

Mr. White (Mark)

A couple days later I had the chance to see another show: Watch the Throne’s Montreal stop. I don’t think words can truly describe that experience but if I had to pick one it would be hands down CRAY. They played N****s in Paris 5 times and a row and each time got better. There were sharks, there was fire: it was awesome.

I also had the opportunity to DJ outside of my bedroom in Montreal for the first time. Big thanks goes to to everyone who came out to support DJ Thousand Years and have some fun. You can stream and download part of my set below:

As for our Toronto and London fams I wouldn’t do justice trying to capture the romance, intrigue and adventure of their past couple weeks. But if I had to try it would look like this:

With finals looming their ugly heads I hope your keeping some semblance of sanity for the next three weeks. In the mean time

Good luck!

❤ Mark & Kevin