New Year, New TYA

Happy 2012 everybody! We hope you’ve had a relaxing winter break, that you’ve eaten delicious food, seen great people, and are looking forward to the year ahead.

Of course, with every new year come New Year’s Resolutions. We’re no exceptions, so I found a list of 10 of the most common New Year’s Resolutions and put us up to the challenge…can we do them?

10. Get Organized

This will be our year. We will take regular inventory. We will count all our money.
It’s true this time, I swear.

9. Learn Something New

We’re in university! We learn new things every day! Okay, we have this one covered.

8. Get Out Of Debt

That would be nice. I think we can accomplish this. Hustle shirts errrrrrday.
We got this.

7. Quit Drinking

Ha. Ha. Hahahahahaha. We didn’t all turn 19 in 2011 for nothing. Sorry world, we’ll be getting belligerent for a little while longer.

6. Stop Procrastinating

I think this is doable. We will use agendas, plan ahead, go to the library when we don’t have papers due. We got this one too.

5. Quit Smoking

None of us smoke cigarettes! We’re flying!

4. Lose Weight

We’re all beautiful just the way we are. No need. We are so on top of this New Year’s thing.

3. Exercise More

We go to universities with free athletics centres! We can do this, easy. (Let’s be real, it’s the winter and none of us are going to leave our houses but we can do some sit-ups in our rooms. That’s a good enough effort, right? I think so.)

2. Spend More Time With Family And Friends

Awwwwww!!! Yesterday, Thousand Years Apparel had a little reunion meeting, and in true TYA form we hung out for 7 hours eating, watching YouTube videos, singing a cappella, and talking seriously about business for approximately 5 minutes.
We love each other and we will show it more this year.



Thousand Years 2012, refreshed, reinvigorated, ready to go. Fall 2011 line still available and looking fresh as ever! Hit us up for your clothing needs/wants/desires.


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