About Us

Thousand Years Apparel is a home grown design and apparel company based in Toronto, Canada that focuses on providing a vibrant colour palette for the discerning cool. Unique style, original design, and for the trailblazer in all of us.

Thousand Years Apparel is urban eclectic, a new look to freshen up the street fashion industry, a mishmash of ideas, inspirations, styles, and cultures. We make clothes for the guy that can pull off anything, but also clothes that you can meet your girlfriend’s parents in. Urban eclectic defines the undefinable; Thousand Years defines urban eclectic.

What started as a pipe-dream summer job for six local Toronto students has quickly turned into an expanding underground business that has branched into three major Canadian cities: Toronto, Montreal, and London. Thousand Years focuses on creating original pieces that accent the personality, drawing inspiration from the colour of our individual lives to fulfill your individual style.

This blog is a place for us to comment on and analyze trends in the world around us, be they in fashion, music, or lifestyle, and it’s also a place for us to share our ideas with all of you!

We are a small company, so your voice is golden to us. Whether it is promoting our name via word of mouth to your friends, or suggesting new ideas for clothing/designs, we value anything you have to offer to us. Don’t be shy, comment, share, post and use this blog as your own drawing board for ideas.

Thousand Years Apparel
Kevin Lee, David Wang, Surinder Jaidka, Nicholas Hassan, Mark Saffran, Abi Ferstman


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