Retro 90’s: Will-inspired!

Alright you silly fools, we’re back and it’s FRESH PRINCE FRIDAY! We went on a temporary hiatus last week because of a sudden perceived lack of interest (still debating whether or not we should even have this column) but for now at least, I thought I might as well continue it for the sake of… continuity. Today we examine 4 fresh outfits from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (found in the episode The Lucky Charm) and figure out just why these crazy retro looks were even popular back in the day:

Even the jeans have a matching crotch patch... (the 'bartack')

Glorious retro colours (actually very much like the colours of the Thousand Years Fall collection) with F & P matching torn decals on his jeans, while sporting that flat-top (leather?) painter’s cap/pillbox style. This is OG status. Continue reading


Inaugural Fresh Prince Friday!

This blog article represents the first official installment of the Fresh Prince Friday series that we are hosting every Friday until I run out of Fresh Prince episodes completely. To keep the content fresh, I’ll be analyzing the various outfits of one episode in each post, so bookmark this blog, subscribe via email, and comment on what you think works or doesn’t work.


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The Best of Fresh Prince Fashion (Season 1)

I recently finished all 6 seasons of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and having finally understood the genius of the 90s, as well as the fashion sense of the day, I present to you the 30 best 90s outfits, a la Fresh Prince (parts of the first season). I will be making this a new series on our blog, as I’ll continue to post more pictures of Will’s funky style (well, the whole cast and some cameos) over the span of the 6 seasons. Included are the worst outfit to ever grace the set of Fresh Prince, as well as a FRESH pair of jammies that I guess Will sleeps in. But don’t rush me, constantly screenshotting a television series is time consuming! Also, keep an eye out for styles that will give a sneak peak into the Thousand Years Fall 2011 snapback.

Ah, the classic power suit.

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