Shit Thousand Years Apparel Says

I’m not even going to explain what the Shit ____ Say phenomenon is all about as I’m sure you’ve heard of it before. So many videos have been released that I think it’s imperative to separate the good from the sea of bad, and so here are my totally subjective picks for the Top 5 Shit Anyone Says videos:






Hope you enjoyed that list of TYA’s top 5, and while there were some notable ones that didn’t quite make the cut (like Shit Girls Say To Gay Guys), I stand by my picks and will fight anyone who dares to have a different opinion.

In other news, Mark and I have been living it up here in MTL. Mark, aka DJ Thousand Years, has been spinning more tunes for the ever popular bar/club Korova with UTS alum Brian Gracie, we got a TV to play retro NES games on, and we’ve been cooking like madmen in this little apartment of ours (muploads to come soon).

Our NES is the new attraction here

There’s a big surprise waiting for all of you TYA fans out there, as we’re finally getting a bit of exposure in the fashion industry, but a full blog post will come out describing it later.

Kevin and Mark


Imma Let You Finish But Beyonce…


I think the people waiting in line for smoked meat can testify that Kevin and I are embarrassingly obsessed with this song. I’m not even embarrassed.

This song is so good I wish I was pregnant. This song is so good I want to get my locks changed just so I can change keys like her. This song is so good it overthrows Libyan dictators.

Realistically though I’ll be sick of it in a day at the rate we’re going. Oh well. Until then,

Mark (and Kevin in spirit)

Watch The Throne Review

Welcome back to Music Monday Everyone,

As much as I would love to send you guys some variation of my fave genres (soca, dubstep, rap, and house), I couldn’t possibly mention anything other than the “historical” release of the album “Watch the Throne” by Jay-z and Kanye West.

Now I’m not much of a Jay-Z fan (in fact I’m quite the opposite), and though I respect Kanye’s work, cannot stand who he is as a person. I’ve always seen these two as the rap game’s most pretentious, and it has always frustrated me how people will jump on any of their tracks because of their name, and not the quality. They to me are a living exhibition of commercial America ruining music. Soulja Boy is a kid having fun, these are men truly selling out.

That all being said, there’s only one way I can truly describe this album. Swag.

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NEW DESIGNS (for real this time) + QWOP + FlyLo + New Music!

It’s been a while since I posted, but I bring to you today the very best of my travels around the interwebz.  I also have a few updates for y’all, so please read to the end for a sneak preview of the new designs coming out next Friday! First, the necessary music segment:

Hopefully you’ve heard of Flying Lotus, or FlyLo, a pretty trippy and experimental producer (of HEAVY headbangin’ beats). Here’s a new video released by Adult Swim (who often blasts his music during bumps), an acid trip visualization of his song Zodiac Sh*t:

You know that I’ve been really feeling the recent soul and R&B comeback with Aloe and Cee-Lo’s albums, and here’s a little gem I found from industry veteran Eric Benet (Halle Berry’s ex-husband). It’s quite the soulful track, as he really pours his heart out in this one titled “Sometimes I Cry”:

Finally, there’s Jaheim, who you may recognize in Nelly’s song “My Place” as the chorus singer. He released a new album and I have to say, it’s AMAZING and quite grown-up compared to his old material. Check out more songs in his new album for sure!

Now time for the time-wasters. Having finished my last exam mere hours ago, I feel it’s necessary to unleash this force of procrastinating evil upon you lesser mortals who are still mired in studying hell. This evil is the hilariously frustrating and deceptively simple game QWOP. All it entails is 4 buttons, in which you control the left/right calf/thigh and you must coordinate them together to make the track star run distances.

Here’s a helpful hint: W and O together make one leg move, and Q and P make the other one move. Now please enjoy responsibly:

My friend and fellow Effusion bass member Theo Ephraim recently showed me this cool cause called Buy This Satellite in which you purchase a satellite and use it to give internet access in all its glory to those less-fortunate, to provide unbiased information, knowledge, and build the groundwork for social change.

Read more at his blog here: or just go straight to the source:! See what you can do!

Finally, what you guys have long been waiting for: NEW DESIGNS.  The actual ones will be coming out next Friday, and you guys will get to select the top 2 designs for us to produce, plus 1 runner-up. Without further ado, here’s a sneak preview of the doodle sheet that I used to spawn some cool ideas:

Potential new designs?

Get excited as we’ll have the designs to choose from out by next Friday! Tell your friends to join the Facebook group and vote! Mark and I will be heading back to Toronto this weekend, and TYA will be getting together to ham it up once more at Manpuku for the HOLIDAYS!

Love, Kevin

Montreal trip!

This weekend, I went to Montreal to visit all my friends at McGill, including, of course, Mark and Kevin. I had an amazing time, and it was super nice to see everybody. Also I saw the Aloe Blacc-signed TYA card in person, which, I did not realize earlier, is signed with a heart and a happy face!! So cute!

Of course I couldn’t go to Montreal without also visiting Ferix Ri (as seen here and in the comments!) and while at his residence, we discovered a bunch of stuff that had us literally LOL-ing on his couch.

We encountered this new white-out campaign which is incredibly elaborate for what is basically an eraser.
Anyway, watch the video, make a choice when they give you options at the end, then type whatever you want into the whited-out box that will appear in the title. Amusement ensues. You can even put in gibberish; no matter what you type, something enjoyable will appear.

2. And speaking of bears…

That’s a pic from ( Exactly what it sounds like, and HILARIOUS.
Another great one:

3. Speaking of Quebec here is a ridiculously fatty video about a sandwich that has POUTINE INSIDE IT. It reminded me a bit of the late, great Double Down (click here if you are ignorant of this piece of history). It’s like something from This Is Why You’re Fat but ABOVE AND BEYOND.

Also if haven’t experienced ThisIsWhyYou’, you’re missing out. Click and salivate/barf.


xoxo Abi

Nicki Minaj + TYA Gets Celebrity Endorsement + Kevin and Mark are Musical

I love Nicki Minaj. I love her more than words can describe. I love her more than Mark Krass does. Today her debut album finally drops and if you haven’t grabbed it already you definitely should because from what I’ve heard so far its been worth the wait. These two tracks are my favourites so far:

Roman’s Revenge ft Eminem:

Check it Out ft.

In TYA Montreal news we had our first celebrity encounter last week when Kevin and I met Aloe Blacc. I tried to give him a business card to see if he’d rep TYA and buy a shirt but he ended up just signing it instead. Oops. On the bright side we got these:

awkward smiles all around

"You want me to make it out to a thousand whats??"

Here’s some footage from the concert of Aloe playing one of his more famous songs “I Need A Dollar “. I didn’t take it but I’m pretty sure you can see the ridikulus back of my head:

Kevin and I were also making our own beautiful music this past weekend. On Sunday night Kevin’s acapella band Effusion had its fall concert and I have read nothing but glowing reviews from creeping Kevin’s facebook wall. Meanwhile I was up the mountain playing at the Molson Coffeehouse and shamelessly plugging TYA all the while.

For the next little while we’re both enjoying the calm before the storm that is final exams here at Mcgill. And don’t worry, we’re still cooking up those rad new designs you’ve been asking for so keep an eye out in the future. Until then I leave you with a quote from my dearest Nicki:

“Bitch be mad because I took the spot/ Bitch if you ain’t shittin’ get off the pot!”

Simply genius.

❤ Mark




Lately Thousand Years has been doin’ it big in Montreal, reppin’ harder than… well, there’s no good analogy for this. HARD. Firstly, big ups once again to our one (and only) girl, Jigga-gail Ferstman for turning legal in more than one way! When TYA meets up in Montreal in a week and a bit, you know we’ll be rocking out.

Secondly, we’re starting to get a lot of props up here in this frenchy city. I competed at my first popping battle in MTL (shoutouts to Bboy Afternoon for organizing the Destroy and Rebuild: MTL Bboying 5th Anniversary jam) on Saturday, footage of which can be seen on our YouTube channel, and props also to my boyz from the Raw Kingz crew for getting all the way to the semi-finals out of 30 crews in bboying! I suspect that the only reason I lost (it was crowd judged) was because I had my Thousand Years shirt underneath my McGill sweater, and so the crowd was not as wowed by me as they could have been. Props also go out to Fw for bringing it sick in my first battle, so respect to him! I’ll definitely rep hard next battle, and here’s a snippet of the Raw Kingz prelim round:

Thirdly, Thousand Years may be able to rep at this huge talent show in which they advertise our business and we sell our shirts at the event, with me participating in the show as well! I auditioned last Friday and did a beatbox and popping routine (at the same time), and not only did they really like what I did there, they were enthused with the fact that I ran my own business. I brought a sample shirt to show them, and handed out a few business cards, and they mentioned even setting up an entire corner of their rented out space just for us to sell. We may also be handling their official event shirts, so I’ll definitely update you guys on everything that goes down!

Hosted by the McGill Entrepreneur's Society, which explains their interest in Thousand Years Apparel

Last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, THOUSAND YEARS APPAREL WAS ON TV! As you all know, I’m part of an a capella group called Effusion (go to, click on Members, and read my profile!) and we recently had 2 TV spots, one for Global and one for CTV. However, CTV managed to film us during rehearsal, in which I strategically wore a fresh lime Octocream as I knew there would be cameras there that day. And what do we have? WE HAVE THOUSAND YEARS APPAREL ON TELEVISION. Here’s a screenshot of the actual video (which is unembeddable as it’s hosted on the CTV website), but if you follow the link and look under the CTV News Video Player at the November 13 entry titled “Gleeks in Montreal”, you might be able to catch a glimpse me and the shirt at around the 1 minute mark (and one of just me after that). Here’s a screenshot (link here:

Can you spot the Octocream?

Okay so the shirt is not in full view. SO WHAT. The point is we can officially say that we were on CTV. WE REP HARD IN MONTREAL SO THAT THE OTHER CITIES HAVE SOMETHING TO AIM FOR!

See you next time mes amis,

Kevin and Mark