Welcome Blue Ivy Carter aka World’s Most Blessed Child

Last night Beyonce and Jay-Z gifted the world with a child, Blue Ivy Carter. I don’t know why I’m so hyped up about this, but I can’t help it. The talent that is in that baby’s genes… I can’t even.

Ever since Beyonce’s adorable VMA announcement,we’ve been following @beyoncejayfetus on Twitter to keep updated, you know, on what’s up in the womb. It’s actually hysterically funny, the wittiest fetus you’ll ever meet. Some choice examples:

“I get free in lullaby what you pay hundreds to see in concert.”
“Beyonce is my ride for the next few months. And yours is?”
“Hilary Duff’s fetus. #talkaboutawkward”

And post-birth, Beyonce/Jay Fetus has become @theHovaJr, equally hilarious.

“Suri…I can hear you crying…”

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Imma Let You Finish But Beyonce…


I think the people waiting in line for smoked meat can testify that Kevin and I are embarrassingly obsessed with this song. I’m not even embarrassed.

This song is so good I wish I was pregnant. This song is so good I want to get my locks changed just so I can change keys like her. This song is so good it overthrows Libyan dictators.

Realistically though I’ll be sick of it in a day at the rate we’re going. Oh well. Until then,

Mark (and Kevin in spirit)

The World’s Hardest Accent To Imitate

Mavrick Sabre was born to English parents in Ireland. He then moved to Jamaica and recently returned to the UK to blow up the music scene. What he lacks in looks (you can leave that to nude pics for PETA) he makes up for with talent.

Though this song has been played to death its a good example of his voice. Check it out:

And here our two of my favourites of his:


❤ Mark

Music Mondays: FLOW 93.5 plays the same songs 10000 times every day!

Welcome to an early morning edition of Music Mondays, posted at 2:20 AM because I just couldn’t wait to show you what music I have been jamming to as of yet. But first thing’s first. I have a little rant about FLOW 93.5, and every other radio station in the GTA that constantly plays the SAME SONGS every DAMN day. I can understand that many of you enjoy those songs, and I actually am a radio-convert these days (having advanced from my ‘Music is not what it used to be’ hater stage). I really enjoy the sampled sounds of Drizzy Drake, or the addictive rasp of Lil Wayne, and I am in love with that Kelly Rowland song Motivation (good for her, finally moving out of Queen B’s shadow). But as much as I love their latest songs, these radio stations seem to have them on a shuffled list comprising of 10 songs that they just replay throughout the day OVER and OVER and OVER again.

If I hear Super Bass ONE MORE TIME...

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Woman Wednesday: Leave Britney Alone!


As long as I can remember, I’ve known the name Britney Spears. “Baby One More Time…” was the first CD I ever bought (I bought Spice World and N’Sync at the same time. 1999 FTW.), and I’ve followed her career ever since.

A couple years ago, I came home with her compilation CD, Greatest Hits: My Prerogative, and my dad laughed in my face when he saw it. “Britney Spears?! Mark my words, her career won’t last 5 years.”

Well friends, you’d think her track record would speak for itself now, as it did then, but I found myself having the almost identical conversation last night. Because, people… I HAVE BRITNEY TICKETS.

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Watch The Throne Review

Welcome back to Music Monday Everyone,

As much as I would love to send you guys some variation of my fave genres (soca, dubstep, rap, and house), I couldn’t possibly mention anything other than the “historical” release of the album “Watch the Throne” by Jay-z and Kanye West.

Now I’m not much of a Jay-Z fan (in fact I’m quite the opposite), and though I respect Kanye’s work, cannot stand who he is as a person. I’ve always seen these two as the rap game’s most pretentious, and it has always frustrated me how people will jump on any of their tracks because of their name, and not the quality. They to me are a living exhibition of commercial America ruining music. Soulja Boy is a kid having fun, these are men truly selling out.

That all being said, there’s only one way I can truly describe this album. Swag.

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Inaugural Woman Wednesday: Poptimism

It’s Abi here! I’ll be blogging every Wednesday, and, as I’m the only woman in TYA, they shall now be known as Woman Wednesdays, and will cater to a slightly girlier sensibility. [Update: This was a horrible description of what I intend for this column. Look to the comment section for further explanation.]

First stop, pop music. I am a shameless fan of pop music. You may judge me, but the most-played artists on my iPod right now are these Fab 4:

I used to be embarrassed about how much I enjoyed these rather commercial artists. Indeed there was once a time when you’d find me trying to hide my love for this kind of bubblegum pop. Like, “Oh I know it’s not ‘good’ music, but it’s so catchy!” or, “It’s my guilty pleasure!” or, “Well, I downloaded the songs so it’s not like I’m paying for the stuff.”

Those dark days are over.

I love pop, and I’m not afraid to show it! In fact, I’ll admit that I own the most recent albums of ALL 4 of these artists. Yep that’s right, I bought Justin Bieber’s My World 2.0, and the other 3 albums as well. And my world is now filled with 100x more rainbows, cotton candy, and sunshine.  (N.B. You really should buy music legally; it’s just the right thing to do.)

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