POLITICS? No, too depressing…

This guy? Really, Canada?

Nick said I would probably blog about politics…but to be honest, I find it just too depressing.
But to each his own! TYA will not take sides in our newly polarized political clime.

1) On a related note though, Michael Ignatieff is coming to teach at U of T! Hopefully he has enough charisma to captivate a classroom, since he had pretty much zero popular appeal.

2) I voted! (Unlike Nick.) It was super awesome and everyone should do it every chance they get.

3) Speaking of heads of state (worst segue ever, sorry), here’s a great royal wedding moment, captured in Westminster Abbey after the ceremony.

4) This is not even tangentially related, but it is the CUTEST THING EVER. All kisses should be this exciting. (Thanks to my friend Thomas for showing me this!)


Soundtrack of Our Time

Every week in my English class the prof plays us songs that are somehow related to what we’re reading, and guys– he has SUCH GOOD TASTE.

Here are a couple of my favourite songs that we’ve listened to, and you can see the full list here:

Amy Winehouse – “You Know I’m No Good” (to go with Sylvia Plath’s Ariel)

The Roots – “Walk Alone” (to go with Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart)

DJ Topcat  (Eazy E vs. Johnny Cash) – “Folsom Prison Gangstaz” (to go with David McGimpsey’s Sitcom)

Hope you enjoyed! The class actually introduced to a ton of bands I’d never heard of, so it’s worth checking out the whole thing : )

Dr. Seuss, Dancing Men, and EUH?

During my Monday evening class…I don’t do work. Not real work, at least. Here’s the result!

1. Most people reading this blog are probably either university students or soon-to-be university students. And we’ve all experienced the childhood joy of Dr. Seuss. But you probably have not experienced Dr. Seuss quite like this:

The whole thing is HILARIOUS and super-well rhymed. Dr. Seuss would be proud. He would also know what they were talking about. According to Wikipedia: “In 1937, while Geisel was returning from an ocean voyage to Europe, the rhythm of the ship’s engines inspired the poem that became his first book… Less fortunately for him, it was rejected almost 30 times.”

Also, I’m a humanities student…FML. Full parody: http://www.collegehumor.com/article:1806240

2. DANCING PIPECLEANER MAN. As you type, you make the pipecleaner guy dance. Frighteningly addictive and a good way to pretend to take notes!


3. Finally, Project EUH?

I can’t say much about this other than to assure you that it is well worth checking out. It’s kind of a series of mini games/activities. I particularly enjoy this one: http://www.project-euh.com/cursors

Basically spent my entire two hour lecture on those and StumbleUpon. Hopefully you are more productive than I am in class.

Love, Abi

PS. Lots of credit to my friend and procrastination-enabler,  Sam!

A Badly Broken Code

I’m in a dance group at U of T (Go Vic Dance!) and we’re doing a piece to a really cool song that I thought I would share (and that I think Kevin might actually approve of!).

The artist’s name is Dessa, and she’s a female rapper, spoken word artist, and MC who is part of the Doomtree hip-hop collective which is based in Minnesota. Just search them on Wikipedia to find out more, and for more on Dessa herself, you can go to her myspace: http://www.myspace.com/dessadarling . (Also the title of this post is her new album title.)

Her lyrics are INCREDIBLE. So creative and powerful.

We’re dancing to her song Children’s Work, which is really eerie sounding and haunting:

Buy shirts!


Work hard, play hard.

Hey people, it’s Abi here!

I guess this is more David’s territory than mine, as he’s the interior-designer-in-training, but WHATEVER. Finders keepers, and I just found this crazy article on 10 of the world’s coolest workplaces.


[Playtime at the Lego headquarters

{Just your average Cartoon Network cubicle}

{An architecture firm in Madrid}

{Quick meeting at Google}



How incredible are those offices!? I want one of those inflatable chairs really badly. I bet those people love to go to work everyday. If my desk looked like that I swear I would be ten times more productive. Unfortunately, my desk is pretty average:


Also, my apologies for the crappy Photobooth pics; my camera is at home and I am too lazy to go get it.

Anyway, I’ll see you guys later.

Much love, Abi

PS. Toronto Crew has been reppin’ for two posts in a row. Step it up, Montreal+London.

PPS. Keep ordering shirts!

Stuntin’ Like Mufasa

I love Disney music.

I love it so much that I once did a lip synch to I’ll Make a Man Out of You in front of almost 40 people. BY MYSELF. But that’s a whole other story.

So when our friend Sam introduced me to this album yesterday, I got really excited.

The artist is DJ DoYou and the album is called Stuntin’ Like Mufasa (such a good title!). It combines songs from Disney movies like The Lion King with hip-hop and R&B hits by Drake and Lil Wayne, among others. And it is SO CATCHY. I may have avoided doing my Latin homework for two hours by listening to it…

I obviously fell in love with this one:

And I think this is combo of Little Mermaid+Aaliyah is one of the best tracks on the album:

Sam's the tall guy on the left wearing aviators and a Fat Farm shirt. Thanks Sam!

Time to get back to translating Caesar.
Much love from Toronto!