Sorry for the lack of new content; we’re all drowning in work. I promise that after my first exam on Tuesday I will do some real posts!! In the meantime, here is a pretty accurate summary of my life right now:



As some of you guys may know already, some Western students released a song called “White and Purple” a while ago,  a take off Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow.” They got around to shooting a music video and you can check it out right here:


Pause at 1:30. LOOK AT THAT. Surinder is also in the video sometimes.

Riding on the Harry Potter wave, we’ve got another really cool video, especially if you’re really into different styles of music.

The amazing thing about this? I have no idea how much he’s practiced this. His friend just yells at him from the back “Try it with Rock n Roll! Ok now jazz it up a little!” This guy  is practically playing it by ear. Simply unbelievable.

That’s all I’ve got for today, have a nice weekend

Oh ya I also sprained my ankle. I’ll try to get in some funny compromising situations due to my injury and post about it

– Nick Hassan


iPod Watch, Thrift Shopping, and I Got an Air Freshener!

Yo guys, December will be here soon so  it’s almost time to start thinking about Christmas Shopping, especially if you’re doing that early Secret Santa business.

First up, there’s a cool website called Kick Starter. The idea here is that people with cool ideas can get others to pledge a certain amount of money towards their idea.  If they reach enough funds by a predetermined time, they can afford to put their idea into production and send out their shipments by another predetermined time.  A pretty cool idea that came up was the Tik Tok/LunaTik, basically a watchband for the newest iPod.


The maker was hoping for $15, 000 in a month but now has over $45, 000 in hardly a day. It may not be the most groundbreaking piece of technology in the world but it accomplishes a few goals: 1) It looks aaawweeesssooommmeee 2) It’s not expensive 3) Makes fumbling with your iPod in your pocket a thing of the past, which is especially useful with the new touch screens, where you can’t guess what button you’re pressing by feeling around.

On a more general theme of Christmas shopping, Life Hacker has a nifty chart about the best time to buy certain things (i.e. when you’ll get it cheapest)


Know anyone getting married? Wedding dresses will be on sale soon apparently! Seriously though it’s cool.

And the last bit of the title? Surinder and I got an air freshener for our room. It smells like Vanilla Passion 24/7. It is freaking awesome. People walk in and out and ask “oh hey guys what smells like cake and marshmallows?” and we say “It’s Vanilla Passion assholes”

Our room went from smelling like this:


I don't mind either that much, actually

to this:

Niiiicckkk Haaasssaaannnnn

We rep that PURPLE

Hey guys,

So for some reason Western has always been known for one thing: Partying. But despite what most people think, we do get serious and recognize issues that are bigger than us. Today, I was sent one of the most moving videos I’ve ever seen in my life regarding a gay politician and the struggles he faced.

Check it out:

If you weren’t deeply moved by that video, that’s okay, but at the very least I hope you guys realize as much as we do how big of an issue this all is. It’s hard for anyone from TYA to really provide full insight into what it’s like to go through the hardships of being discriminated against for being gay, lesbian, or transgendered, but having friends, teachers, mentors, and family that have gone through similar situations, we know one thing for sure: they’re no different than anyone else. I can personally say, some of the best teachers, friends, and people I’ve ever met happened to be gay, and their sexuality changed nothing. For them to not be able to experience life the same way the rest of us do just because of their orientation is simply ridiculous. Even worse, the number of suicides that occur every year due to homophobic abuse is horrifying, and the abuse is unacceptable.

That’s why this Wednesday we ask people everywhere to please wear purple in memorial of the suicides caused by homophobic abuse. Purple represents Spirit on the LGBTQ flag, and that’s exactly what we’re asking of you. Show your spirit in the fight against homophobia. Here at Western, our school colour is purple, and we’ve got spirit like no other. Prove us wrong. On Wednesday October 20, 2010, show us that you’ve got just as much spirit, and rock your purple, even if it’s just once. Show any family member, friend, or even that familiar stranger that you’re not just there for support, but so that support isn’t even required.

And in honour of our Purple Pride, because we all love a nice song to bob our head to, I wanted to present a Western Jam that’s plaguing our campus. Written and produced by a Don in Delaware, “White and Purple”

Thanks a bunch guys!

Mad Love,

Surinder Jaidka


Hey guys, today’s post is going to have the theme of love. And who knows more about love than lovely actress Jennifer Love Hewitt?

I octo-cream my pants just thinking about her ahahahaha

She promised to pose for us after the amazing night of passion she and I, Nicholas Hassan, shared, because I was the greatest lover she’d ever had, or something like that I dunno it was nbd. But besides the love between man and woman, what other kinds of love are there?

As some of you may or may not know, it was homecoming this past weekend at UWO. After the unbelievable stomping Western gave Queens (it was like 2348790234 to 5 or something, although I will admit you guys won the last Vanier Cup >_>), I have a newfound LOVE for my beautiful university. Even the bad weather couldn’t keep us down, as the London boys partied literally from dawn till dusk… and then till dawn again. PANCAKE KEGGERS ANYBODY!?!?!

But enough about me, lets get back to Love.

Love is beautiful, and Rube Goldberg Machines are awesome! So combine the two for something both awesome and beautiful! As the creator put it,  he built an “overly complicated machine to simplify the overly complicated task of asking a lady for her hand in marriage.”

(P.S. The first bit is his preparation, the last minute or so is the actual proposal and victory dance) (P.P.S. Look on related videos for interesting prom-posal ideas)

But sometimes love isn’t always so pure. It’s a little, er… raunchier. Sometimes people take it too far and you get this. Once you click on the link scroll down for more examples.



Before I sign off, I just want to repost something I found really cool. I meant to put it in a previous post but I added it in a day after so I don’t know if anyone saw it. I love Pokemon, and here is an interesting take on a live action movie that, if created, would complete my childhood and make me want to believe again.

Best line: “I choose you.”

Okay that’s all for today folks. Thanks for all your support, and if you find any of these links interesting, please tell your friends about our blog!

xoxo, Nick Hassan

It’s nothing personal, it’s just businesss

Whatchuuu sayyyinn from London!

Surinder here with some super sick news as to what TYA’s been up to in our westernmost region. The other day during one of my business classes, my professor made me get up on stage and explain to the class what TYA is and what we do. Not only was the class blown away by the dopeness that is Thousand Years, they quickly cleaned out our stack of business cards, and hit up the website IN CLASS. As if that weren’t enough, Nick and I were contacted by a hockey team, two residence floors, and two entire residences in hopes of getting clothing made. WE DO IT BIG IN LONDON!


In other news, as TYA’s gym buff, I’ve been working out with an army corporal that I met at Western and he’s introduced me to a new workout regime call Crossfit. If you’re looking to get built army/fireman styles, check it out:


And finally, I wouldn’t dare end this blog post without paying tribute to one of my favourite imprisoned artists, Lil’ Wayne aka Weezy F Baby aka Weezy F, aka Weezy. Weezy has been serving his criminal arms possession time for the past six and a half months, and is scheduled to be released at some point in November, but not before releasing an album or two.

While in prison on Monday night, Wayne’s mixtape “I am not a human being” was released digitally world-wide, and is only the second rapper to do that since Tupac. It just goes to show that you don’t have to be the best rapper of all time to be the most dedicated, and that’s why we love you Weezy. Check out one of his newest tracks with Drake, “Gonorrhea”

TYA- London ranks this album at about an 7/10, meaning it’s definitely worth a listen, and we’re eagerly anticipating the release of The Carter IV in November.

Mad Love,

Surinder Jaidka

Thousand Years of Mixes Part One

Okay I get it lemme I think I guess it’s my turn. Mark here coming to you from a rainy Montreal. For those of you who have checked out our bios on the sexy main website, www.thousandyears.ca, you’ll notice that my activities include going to camp, posing and I’m an “aspiring DJ”. Well first off, my friends are assholes. More importantly it’s good to know that even in Uni I can use DJing as a way to not do my homework.

And so this is the first installment in the Thousand Years of Mixes series, which I’ll try and keep updating throughout the year. This first set is half top 40 half techno because that’s what I’ve been listening to recently (wooo being legal!). You can download it here:


Speaking of DJing we gotta give a shout out to Western DJs. We designed them a shirt for frosh week, and they’ve been reppin’ our design on their Facebook.:

Check out their page here!

Other than that life’s been good. If you’re a Montreal club owner, a 13 year old boy (looking for a bar mitzvah DJ) or you just want the freshest graphic tees you’ll ever find, we’re your boys (and Abi).


DJ Buy My T-Shirts aka Mark