Welcome Blue Ivy Carter aka World’s Most Blessed Child

Last night Beyonce and Jay-Z gifted the world with a child, Blue Ivy Carter. I don’t know why I’m so hyped up about this, but I can’t help it. The talent that is in that baby’s genes… I can’t even.

Ever since Beyonce’s adorable VMA announcement,we’ve been following @beyoncejayfetus on Twitter to keep updated, you know, on what’s up in the womb. It’s actually hysterically funny, the wittiest fetus you’ll ever meet. Some choice examples:

“I get free in lullaby what you pay hundreds to see in concert.”
“Beyonce is my ride for the next few months. And yours is?”
“Hilary Duff’s fetus. #talkaboutawkward”

And post-birth, Beyonce/Jay Fetus has become @theHovaJr, equally hilarious.

“Suri…I can hear you crying…”

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Inaugural Woman Wednesday: Poptimism

It’s Abi here! I’ll be blogging every Wednesday, and, as I’m the only woman in TYA, they shall now be known as Woman Wednesdays, and will cater to a slightly girlier sensibility. [Update: This was a horrible description of what I intend for this column. Look to the comment section for further explanation.]

First stop, pop music. I am a shameless fan of pop music. You may judge me, but the most-played artists on my iPod right now are these Fab 4:

I used to be embarrassed about how much I enjoyed these rather commercial artists. Indeed there was once a time when you’d find me trying to hide my love for this kind of bubblegum pop. Like, “Oh I know it’s not ‘good’ music, but it’s so catchy!” or, “It’s my guilty pleasure!” or, “Well, I downloaded the songs so it’s not like I’m paying for the stuff.”

Those dark days are over.

I love pop, and I’m not afraid to show it! In fact, I’ll admit that I own the most recent albums of ALL 4 of these artists. Yep that’s right, I bought Justin Bieber’s My World 2.0, and the other 3 albums as well. And my world is now filled with 100x more rainbows, cotton candy, and sunshine.  (N.B. You really should buy music legally; it’s just the right thing to do.)

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Rebecca Black is smarter than you + Sneak Peek into City of Stars!

Rebecca Black has been the subject of a lot of internet ire, ridiculed by people of all demographics ever since her music video for her claim-to-fame “Friday” came out not too long ago. Criticized for its manufactured pop sound and sub-par lyricisms, people seem to assume the worst of Ms. Black when it comes to her intelligence and general singing ability, basing their judgement on the assumption that she had a hand in writing this song. I’m going to propose a theory that puts Rebecca at the steering wheel of an ingeniously crafted plan, one that debunks the myth that Rebecca is a silly little pre-teen girl inadvertently shooting to fame, one that will probably get a lot of comments along the lines of “OMFG STOP DEFENDING REBECCA BLACK SHE SUCKS I HOPE SHE DIES”. Let’s begin.

Prime example of hustling off of haterade

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