TYA isn’t exactly known for their hard hitting investigative journalism but the other day I was watching the music video for Dilemma (because a friend of mine had never seen it and its awesome) and I spotted this guy:

"Sup Ladies"

Ok fine, so he’s rockin a phantom of the opera mask, its not like he coordinates all his outfits around mask-clothing combinations…

"Does this shade of baby blue make me look more gangsta?"

WTF. Who is this guy? A little hard hitting research led me to find out that his name is Slo Down and he was in Nelly’s St Lunatics Crew until they had a dispute and he went his separate mask wearing way. But while in the limelight Slo Down redefined hiphop fashion:


Just wearing a creepy mask and pretending to be a bird, nothing strange here

Probably wouldn't be so hot in here if you weren't wearing a mask...

He even started switching it up:

He's either suprised by his own appearance or that all the rhinestones stayed on his mask

I can imagine how that first conversation must have gone

Nelly: Yo man why you wearin that mask?

Slo Down: Oh…ya… I just thought I’d switch it up ya know. Nobody else in the game is doing this I thought I’d be unique

Nelly: Dude you look like Hannibal Lecter

Slo Down: Ya man that guy gets all that ladies

Nelly: No he eats all the ladies

Slo Down: That’s whats up!

Nelly: No I don’t think you…Nevermind ok wear the mask. I bet Chingy doesn’t have to put up with this shit…

And a hero is born.

I think the best part is that even after being scorned by his former crew and moving into a new century he still keeps true to style

This mask is the reason Obama won the election.

The laughing stock of the hip hop community or a brave pioneer in the world of fashion? You be the judge.

Good luck with finals if you still got them and if you’re in Toronto over winter break lets chill

– Mark


Betches Love Baking

Mark here. Got my wisdom teeth removed yesterday so if this post doesn’t really make sense you can blame it on the heavy duty painmeds I’m on (For an extra $10 you can have one delivered with purchase of a tshirt!). Having some time on my hands I decided to try something I’ve never done before, baking. Check out what I made:

1000Years Peanut Butter Cookies

The only problem is I can’t eat them because of the teeth, so if you want one come holla. And speaking of cookies here’s another installment in our Octo series:

Cookies and OctoCream

New T-Shirts should be out in the next couple days so get excited. And dwai I’ll post some post-wisdom teeth pics of myself once the swelling gets to a more comedic level.

Til then stay classy Toronto,