TYA isn’t exactly known for their hard hitting investigative journalism but the other day I was watching the music video for Dilemma (because a friend of mine had never seen it and its awesome) and I spotted this guy:

"Sup Ladies"

Ok fine, so he’s rockin a phantom of the opera mask, its not like he coordinates all his outfits around mask-clothing combinations…

"Does this shade of baby blue make me look more gangsta?"

WTF. Who is this guy? A little hard hitting research led me to find out that his name is Slo Down and he was in Nelly’s St Lunatics Crew until they had a dispute and he went his separate mask wearing way. But while in the limelight Slo Down redefined hiphop fashion:


Just wearing a creepy mask and pretending to be a bird, nothing strange here

Probably wouldn't be so hot in here if you weren't wearing a mask...

He even started switching it up:

He's either suprised by his own appearance or that all the rhinestones stayed on his mask

I can imagine how that first conversation must have gone

Nelly: Yo man why you wearin that mask?

Slo Down: Oh…ya… I just thought I’d switch it up ya know. Nobody else in the game is doing this I thought I’d be unique

Nelly: Dude you look like Hannibal Lecter

Slo Down: Ya man that guy gets all that ladies

Nelly: No he eats all the ladies

Slo Down: That’s whats up!

Nelly: No I don’t think you…Nevermind ok wear the mask. I bet Chingy doesn’t have to put up with this shit…

And a hero is born.

I think the best part is that even after being scorned by his former crew and moving into a new century he still keeps true to style

This mask is the reason Obama won the election.

The laughing stock of the hip hop community or a brave pioneer in the world of fashion? You be the judge.

Good luck with finals if you still got them and if you’re in Toronto over winter break lets chill

– Mark